Mao Shan Wang

Mao Shan Wang is a highly sought after breed of durian that boasts a creamy texture and a strong bittersweet taste. Distinguished by their pyramid-shaped thorns at the base of the stem, as well as unique star shape on the bottom, MSW is undeniably one of the most popular breeds amongst durian lovers. Here at R&R Durian, our specialists are trained to select and identify the best of the crop for your enjoyment. To attain the best quality of MSW, we use high nutrition fertilizers when growing the trees in order to ensure optimal produce. With freshness being the main concern of durian quality, R&R Durian promises to satisfy every durian lover with only the best.

猫山王是榴莲的一个品种,以其细腻软滑的口感和微苦带甘的浓郁味道而备受追捧。它在果柄下特有形似金字塔的果刺,果实底部呈特别的星型,是最受榴莲吃货喜爱的品种之一。在R&R Durian,我们团队经过专业培训,从收摘的果实中精心挑选优质佳果,满足您的味觉享受。为保证猫山王的优越品质,我们在种植过程中选用高营养肥料,以孕育出最佳的硕果。此外,R&R Durian一直注重榴莲的新鲜出品,致力为每一位榴莲爱好者提供至优的果品。