The durian is regarded by many people in Southeast Asia as the “king of fruits.” Native to Southeast Asia, the durian fruit is green and spiky on the outside, with a soft cream coloured pulp on the inside. They are naturally rich in iron, vitamin C, and potassium and it can improve muscle strength, skin health, and even lower blood pressure.

The durian tree is an evergreen tree that can reach close to 50 meters in height, and they only start to produce fruit five years after they have been planted. Durian trees produce fruit twice per year, with older trees, like what we have in R&R Durian’s plantation, producing the best quality fruit.

The difference between grade A and grade B Mao Shan Wang is the shape and size. Grade A Mao Shan Wang is rounder and slightly bigger than grade B, thus containing more flesh in general. R&R Durian selects only top grade A Mao Shan Wang for our customers to enjoy nothing but the best.


榴莲树是一种常绿乔木,最高可达50米,一般种植五年后才能结果。榴莲树每年收成两次,树龄越长,结出的榴莲品质越佳。R&R Durian种植区内的榴莲树均有一定树龄,因而出品极佳。

A级和B级猫山王之间的区别在于果品的外形和尺寸。相比B级,A级猫山王榴莲外形较圆润饱满,一般含有更多果肉。 R&R Durian专注精选A级猫山王,为顾客提供无与伦比的滋味享受。