Black Gold Durian

Dubbed the “truffle” of durian, the Black Gold is the most premium grade of the Mao Shan Wang breed. Black Gold at R&R Durian are is renowned for their silky consistency, buttery and luscious flesh, and a bitter aftertaste of chocolate. Black Gold is considered a delicacy in the world of durians. Here at R&R Durian, the process of producing Black Gold is as arduous as it is tedious. First, we select trees located at the top of the mountain, which are at least 25 years of age. To attain the best quality of Black Gold, we use high nutrition fertilisers when growing the trees in order to ensure optimal produce. These older trees produce a very limited number of top-notch durians per season. Our specialists then handpick the best of the best, resulting in these top grade Black Gold that have sometimes been coined “Wang Zhong Wang” (King of Kings) to differentiate them from the regular MSW Mao Shan Wang. With the extra effort in cultivation, R&R Durian guarantees each Black Gold sold is of exquisite quality – a premium choice for connoisseurs.

黑金猫山王是等级最高的猫山王,被称为“榴莲中的黑松露”。产自R&R Durian的黑金猫山王口感犹如牛油般丝滑,肉质鲜甜,给人仿似品尝巧克力般的回甘味道,因而广受赞誉。黑金猫山王被誉为榴莲中的珍品。在R&R Durian,生产黑金猫山王的工艺精细繁复。首先,我们精选山顶树龄超过25年的榴莲树。为保证猫山王的优越品质,我们在种植过程中选用高营养肥料,以孕育出最佳的硕果。每一季,老榴莲树仅结出非常少量的上乘榴莲佳果。之后,我们的专业人员人工挑选其中最优质的果品。因此,顶级黑金猫山王不时被称作“王中之王”,优胜于普通的猫山王。R&R Durian注重种植流程,确保所出产的每一颗黑金猫山王均为品质绝佳,成为美食家趋之若鹜的最佳选择。