About R&R Durian

R&R Durian specializes in top-grade Mao Shan Wang, the most highly regarded breed of durian in Asia. Within this range, R&R Durian offers “Black Gold”, the rarest, and most premium of Mao Shan Wang selection.

Unlike others, we have our durian plantation strategically situated in Malaysia on a carefully selected piece of land, where we use only the most nutritious soil to cultivate our king of fruits. Hence, our customers are fully assured that our durian is with high quality due to the strict quality control. Our dedicated harvesters nursing this niche plot of ‘gold’ results in durians which provide a uniquely luxurious texture and unforgettable flavor.

R&R Durian主营最受亚洲人们喜爱的榴莲品种—顶级猫山王。在众多猫山王产品中,R&R Durian更特别提供最罕见珍贵的精品猫山王—黑金。